6 March 2013

Kenya election last update

It's only the last update because of the slowness of the count, but it is pretty clear that Kenyatta is going to win - whether by enough to get over the 50%+1 hurdle on the first round is slightly more contentious.  And because I have to go back to the UK in a few hours I won't be able to give any more updates.   So enjoy if you can the last one...

Kenyatta: 2,800,000 (53%)
Odinga 2,200,000 (42%)
Mudavadi 150,000 (3%)
Kenneth 21,000 (0.6%)

Votes counted: 5,250,000

Around 5,750,000 more votes to be counted.
It's clear Raila Odinga is closing the gap slowly - but there seems almost no way he can do it quickly enough to win.
My best guess for the result is Odinga 43.6; Kenyatta 50.2 - thus avoiding a run off.

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