20 July 2014

Kingston Tory councillor was BNP member

The local paper in Kingston leads on a strange story that one of Kingston's Conservative councillors was a  member of the BNP in 2009.  Councillor Terry Paton claims that this was because he was working undercover as a private investigator having left the Met police.

The Kingston Guardian quotes that when he left the police in 1999 - ten years earlier - he set himself up as a private investigator and his BNP membership was simply part of an undercover investigation.

Paton was the Tory candidate in the July 2013 New Malden by-election caused by the resignation of disgraced former Lib Dem council leader, Derek Osbourne, on child porn charges.  Paton was interviewed at the time by a local community website 'this is our town' where he said "I was a Metropolitan Police Officer until the end of 1999 when I retired following an injury in the execution of my duty. After retiring from the Police I started my own company carrying out Gas Safety and Inspection Certification in New Malden and across South London."

This is backed up by Companies House who registered his company - Paton Heating Ltd on 5 January 2000.

There is no evidence of Terry Paton being a director of any other company (or a sole trader) since he set up Paton Heating Ltd on his retirement from the Met.

So if he was running a heating company since 2000 - what was he doing in the BNP in 2009?

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  1. Has this Tory Councillor made declarations to HMRC of this alleged ( & hitherto undeclared ) private detective work?