20 July 2014

Was Tory Terry Paton a BNP member for 8 years?

According to the leaked BNP membership list from 2009 Terry Paton used his real name, home address and mobile number which is a bit odd for someone who was supposed to be 'undercover'.

Most interestingly is that his name appears in the list entitled 'Apr 01 onwards' suggesting he was a member for at least eight years.

Kingston Conservatives have some serious explaining to do.

1 comment:

  1. The leaked BNP membership list comprises personal details of several thousand citizens. If, as good liberals, we observe the principles of data protection and personal privacy then we should recall that we are not owners of that data. Leaked data may not be processed, whatever that means, but it is certain that you shouldn't incorporate it in canvassing records. Unless you establish Do Not Visit independently.

    It may be reasonable under UK law for a newspaper or a blogger to challenge somebody named on the leaked list of BNP "membership". When making the decision to accuse, one has to consider accuracy of the underlying data. The BNP are not noted as thorough record takers.

    Take care, Dan.