6 December 2011

Benn v McLennan

Just finished watching a superb documentary on ITV about the Nigel Benn v Gerald McLennan world title fight in February 1995.

It was a brutal fight that left both boxers in hospital and McLennan fighting for his life with permanently disabling brain damage. The focus wasn't just on the fight, but on the rivalry and consequences for both boxers' lives. Benn and the McLennan family carried on the feud for 12 years before Benn (now a born again Christian) organised a fundraiser for McLennan - raising £200,000 for the bills for his contining care.

It's just a shame that ITV couldn't make space for it on ITV player in among the soaps, celebrities and Jeremy Kyle - but this article from a few years ago from the Observer Sports Monthly gives a comprehensive account of the characters and consequences of that brutal night.

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