21 December 2011

Solar subsidy ruling rap for Huhne

The DECC should have known better when it announced a halving of the subsidy for domestic solar panels, while still consulting on the change.

It's a pretty basic rule of public consultation (as well as common sense), not to pre-empt its the outcome by implementing a decision while still asking for the public's views. The Judicial Review could only have one possible outcome as a result of the actions of the department.

In a way this result is reflective of the way Chris Huhne operates - take the big decisions, drive through a clear media line - even if it means hectoring your opponents, stay on message until people get bored. But Chris has a vein of arrogance and hubris running through him and someone with a subtler attitude and more finely tuned ear would have clearly seen the foolishnes of going ahead with the change to the subsidy so quickly.

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