15 December 2011

Coombe Vale voters go to the polls

It's polling day in the other London by-election that will get no media coverage regardless of the result. With the media trained on Feltham and Heston - a seat Labour won comfortably in one of their worst years, with a scandal ridden candidate - the only question can be the scale of their majority.

Coombe Vale should be far more interesting, a by-election caused by the resignation of an absentee Tory councillor who was working in the states while claiming thousands in local taxpayers' money and the swift resignation of his colleague a few days later. A double vacancy in a marginal ward in a marginal constituency.

It was an opportunity - apparently so far unfulfilled - for MP Zac Goldsmith to make good his implied commitment to the Electoral Commission about reuse of general election campaign material that his agent claimed could be used for other elections.

All in all about as interesting set of circumstances you could imagine. So good luck to Lib Dem candidates Kamala Kugan and Rupert Nichol. The result should be known this side of midnight, given the expected low turnout.


  1. "given the expected low turnout."

    As full of insights as ever.

  2. Well anonymous one might say insightful enough to keep you coming back. The turnout in Coombe Vale was exceptionally high - the other council by-elections yesterday had turnouts of 22%, 30% and 38%. In the Feltham and Heston by-election just 29% voted.