27 June 2012

Rangers face the end...

Glasgow Rangers have been liquidated, their assets sold on the cheap to a company snappily named Sevco 5088, the majority of their first team have walked away for nothing (as they are entitled to do under employment law), six SPL clubs have declared they won't support a 'new' Rangers going straight back into the top division and lower division clubs are lining up to send them to start again at the bottom of the league (or lower). 

So just when Rangers fans thought it couldn't get any worse along comes BNP leader Nick Griffin to offer support...

As St Mirren supporting Scottish crime novelist Chris Brookmyre tweets: "We are Rangers Super Rangers No-one likes us.  And it appears we may have failed to anticipate some of the long-term ramifications of this."

When all you are left with is Griffin and his neo-nazis you know your goose is well and truly cooked.

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