12 April 2011

I don't believe it! Yes to AV get it right....

While attending a meeting at my local Lib Dem MP's office (every constituency should have one). I came a cross a rather good piece of direct mail from the Yes campaign.

It put three good reasons why people should vote yes on May 5th - making MPs work harder for their constituents, getting rid of jobs for life and giving voters a greater say.

It even mentioned the expenses scandal and the need to clean up politics. And the fact there is a big correlation between the MPs supporting the no campaign and those with dodgy expenses is something I've blogged about before.

So far so good you would think? But...

I wonder if anyone at Yes HQ though that putting actor Richard Wilson's name to it was quite the best idea. Given his most famous character, Victor Meldrew, is known for his catch phrase 'I don't believe it'?

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