14 April 2011

Cameron's race dog whistle raises Lib Dem hackles

David Cameron has said some foolish things on immigration today. And it is good news that the two most senior Lib Dems in government have gone on record opposing him.

Tonight's London Evening Standard shows that Lib Dem ministers have started to realise the differences between the two parties are more important than the similarities...

1 comment:

  1. This feels like a set up. "Cast Iron" Cameron gets more publicity for yet another of those speeches he makes about how sincerely he cares about things - and then goes and does nothing.

    Cable gets some brownie points from the Pseudoliberals activists. The Condems get to face both ways at once. Good news for everybody and the last one back to Westminster buys the drinks.

    Seriously - can anybody name a single occasion when one of Cameron's "caring" speeches and promises was followed by actual action?