15 April 2011

Why it's always been Labour's fault.

There's been some interesting discussion on Lib Dem Voice about the Labour party's culpability for the recession and youth unemployment. There's also a call for Labour supporters to defect to the Lib Dems. But in my view neither goes far enough.

The Labour Party’s very existence is responsible for driving millions of voters into the arms of the Conservative party. You only have to look at the 100 years before the first world war when the Labour party didn’t exist in any meaningful form and socialism was considered some whacky foreign cult. Result - the Conservatives out of power for long periods and the Liberal party was the natural party of government.

Role forward to the 100 years since the first war with Labour replacing the Liberals as the main non-Tory party. Result - the Conservatives in power for most of the time and considered the natural party of government.

If Labour supporters want the Tories out of power then they know what to do. Disband the Labour party, reject the cult of socialism and come back home to the most successful non-Conservative force in British politics…

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