18 May 2011

Olympic torch nonsense

The second biggest news story of the day - after the unfortunate comments from Justice Secretary, Ken Clarke - is the announcement of the route of the Olympic torch. This entirely fictitious tradition will wind its tortuous way to that symbol of commercial agrandisement and drain on the public purse - the Olympic stadium - over what seems like an interminable number of weeks next summer.

The smug satisfaction that it will somehow bring the provinces into the Olympic dream as some sort of justification for their transfer payment to the capital is as bogus as it is insulting.

I hope the torch becomes the focus of public discontent at the waste and profligacy of governments that indulge ludicrous and corrupt organisations like the IOC. Sadly, I fear it won't and the olympian spin we appear to be swallowing mean the entire country outside of London will be glad of the scraps thrown at them by Lord Coe and Co.

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