26 May 2011

The incredible shrinking credibility of Guido Fawkes

Chris Huhne is in trouble. There is an ongoing police investigation into allegations over his speeding penalties and whether someone else took the rap for them which will end his political career if proved accurate.

So why then is right wing smearmeister Paul Staines (AKA the self importantly monikered Guido Fawkes) trying desperately to pin allegations of election expenses misdeeds as well?

As Mark Pack has pointed out the lack of evidence for these bizarre allegations is now reaching the stage of hilarity as Staines and his sidekick, Harry Cole, continue to clutch at the smallest of straws of evidence - with ludicrous assertions that a council meeting about a cycle path represented some sort of crisis summit for Huhne.

Staines made his reputation as one of the earliest political bloggers - a sort of on-line Private Eye - exposing politicians who were on the take regardless of their politics - but soon descended into the right wing spleen venting and conspiracy theory promoting beloved of right wing US talk radio. His assertions that his blog is somehow apolitical and only concerned with corruption and the misdeeds of the rich and powerful of all political persuasions is given the lie by the labels he gives to the articles he publishes. By his own categorisation of articles he has 32 Labour politicians, six Liberal Democrats and just 12 Tories (which includes a gushing article - also in the 'tottywatch' category - about SamCam and various paeans to 'Maggie').

It's clear he's now just another right wing cheerleader. His conceit is to pretend he is somehow important or influential - when in reality he's just another muckraker.

Here's when it all became apparent. It's just a surprise he's been able to get away with it for so long.

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