22 May 2011

Twitter begin to bust the superinjunctions

The response to the famous (and he is pretty famous) footballer who has tried to ban the internet with the help of an out of touch judge, Judge, should be welcomed by liberals.

It's a reminder of the power of what Cleggmania could have been. Ordinary (not well off) people getting their own back against the rich and powerful (and in most footballer's cases stupid) people who think they are better than the people who pay their wages.

The fact that so many people are prepared to say publicly who he is and Wikipedia are happy to carry it means for CTB the game is over.

Now all we need is for the other super-injunctions - particularly those that politicians are behind to be exposed in the same way. Where are you John Hemming or do we just let the internet get on with it?

Today superinjunctee Andrew Marr gets to interview President Obama showing that your career is not at threat if the allegations are made public...

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