20 September 2011

Failed English fire centralisation offers stark warning to Nats

The Public Accounts Committee's findings that Labour wasted at least £469 million trying to centralise England's fire service control, is a stark warning to the SNP government in Edinburgh.

According to the beeb report the plan was 'flawed from the outset', 'a comprehensive failure' and failed to achieve any of its objectives.

It is in the very nature of these vanity centralisation projects - which are always justified on the grounds of greater efficiency - that they end in abject failure. This is because it is the nature of centralisation to drive out local accountability and reduce competition to a handful of big oligopolistic suppliers.

So when the bill for the SNP's fire and police centralisation lands on Scottish taxpayers doormats - and cuts are made to schools, hospitals (and yes the police and fire services) to pay for it - the SNP government will have no excuses. They were warned.

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