27 September 2011

The fundamental flaw in Labour's message

Labour have been keen to repeat across the board at their conference that a complete recasting of British society and economy is needed and that the current government is simply defending this broken status quo.

Now if was leading a party that had overseen this 'broken status quo' for 13 out of the last 14 years and if I had been a been a cabinet member just 506 days ago who had been part of that 'broken status quo' I might just wonder how culpable I was personally for this 'broken status quo'.

It's this almost complete lack of self awareness that is the most striking thing about Labour this week. If Labour are going to widen the terms of the debate about wider societal and economic failings then a narrow apology on their failure to regulate the banks just won't do.

I suspect the message that the public will hear is Mili minor talking about radical change and his party booing Tony Blair and come to the obvious conclusion that he and his party are tacking to the anti market left.

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