3 September 2011

Lembit loses it in defeat

London Lib Dems have sent Lembit Opik a clear message. In coming last in the selection for the unenviable job of Lib Dem Mayoral candidate - on top of his humilation in the party's Presidential election - it is clear that ordinary Lib Dem members do not want him to represent them at any level.

And it's not difficult to see why: a constant stream of mid life crises played out in their full tacky technicolour in disreputable rags have made Lembit a minor celebrity but shredded his reputation as a serious political player.

And at the end of the day being an MP or Mayoral candidate (or indeed President of the Liberal Democrats) is a serious political job and one that Lembit's antics have now made him quite unsuited for.

His article in the Evening Standard on Friday shows quite how deluded he has become.

He is quoted as saying, "Ever since I was first enticed into entering the fray as a potential candidate, I've experienced a remarkable degree of antagonism and aggression from certain Lib Dems.

Most of it has occurred in the strange and self-styled environment of the 'blogosphere' - a parallel universe where some people who've never been elected to public office feel qualified to pronounce on those who have.

When one meets these people for real, their courage on the internet seems to desert them, replaced by excuses and a quick exit at the first opportunity."

As one of the 'self styled bloggers' who have been highly critical of his vanity candidature I wear his latest ramblings as a badge of pride. It's not bloggers, journalists or other commentators' fault that Lembit is seen as a joke - it's his fault - and the sooner he realises that the better.

PS - And the conceit of his quote comparing himself to the struggle of Nelson Mandela is just jaw-droppingly wrong.

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