2 March 2012

Clegg takes just 84 seconds to diss work experience critics

A rule of good communications is that less is always more. In this clip - courtesy of Lib Dem Voice - Nick Clegg shows how to make a case succinctly and powerfully.

More please Nick.


  1. As I said on the original post on Lib Dem Voice:

    The problem with workfare is that the DWP’s own studies show that it doesn’t work.


    So when I criticise workfare it’s because it a) won’t do anything to reduce unemployment or the benefit bill and b) is thoroughly illiberal. If Clegg considers those to be messed up priorities then I wonder what his priorities are.

  2. I really wouldn’t make my case by citing an article on the misnamed website ‘Liberal Conspiracy’. Anyway the work experience scheme is not designed to do a) – it is designed to do what it says on the tin – give people an opportunity to experience work. You provide no evidence for b).