13 March 2012

Rangers Blue Knights to fail fit and proper test?

So says the ever informed Scots Law Thoughts.

One of the problems (a few bloggers excepted) of the reporting of Rangers administration is the supine cravings of the Scottish media. Sports journalists north of the border fish in a very small pool and the often tedious going ons at both halves of the Old Firm conjoined twins are given prominence they rarely deserve. As a result journalists enjoy too close relationships with the PR departments of Rangers and Celtc in a bid to get the next 'scoop'. And therefore the serious investigation and questioning of Ranngers and their administrators has pretty much been avoided by the mainstream Scottish media.

So it can only be good news that C4 News's chief reporter, Alex Thomson, has taken an interest. So far he has provided a lot more insight (and reported the views of non-Old Firm fans) than the average west of Scotland hack.

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  1. Good riddance is what most Scotch folk are thinking inbetween wondering where the next pie is coming from.