8 March 2012

Mansion tax opponents make Vince Cable's case

Tonights London Evening Standard carries an article attacking the concept of the mansion tax - much favoured by Lib Dem economic guru - Vince Cable.

If one was trying to find the least effective spokespeople for the anti mansion tax case Vince couldn't have done better. Here's a flavour of their opposition:

Ivor Dickinson, 54. Estate agent managing director who lives in a large house worth about £3.5 million in Sussex and commutes to his London office every day.

He says: “I inherited this house from my grandparents and would have to pay the extra tax out of my salary. Bringing up three daughters and sending them to private school makes life quite tricky as it is. Anyone of my age will tell you it’s a very expensive time of life. I just about scrape through...It’s the most outrageous idea I’ve ever heard.”

James Wright, 60. Chairman of the Belgravia Residents’ Association. He lives in a house valued at £10 million in Eaton Terrace, near Sloane Square, SW3.

“If the mansion tax is introduced, my bill would be £80,000 a year,” he says. “It would not actually ruin me, as I run a successful business. But it would mean I would have to sell or remortgage some cheaper properties I own to pay it."


  1. oh what a shame !

  2. Take the kids out of private school maybe

  3. The problem with people like Ivor Dickinson is that they are greedy.
    I would like to know what he means by “getting by” and as anon said take the kids out of private school and that would save him some money as would appearing in Tattler Magazine with a bunch of chinless wonders.
    His brother Rupert died at 51 and that should be a warning to him that life is not all about money and wealth.

    M Parnell