26 March 2012

Remembering Jocky Wilson

The sad news that Jocky Wilson has died aged just 62 has meant that darts (and Kirkcaldy) has lost one of its most infectious personalities.

Wilson was one of the big personalities of the 1980s era of darts - when rooms were smoke-filled and players were drink fuelled. Wilson not only partaked in both - his predeliction for sweet things meant he lost most of his teeth before he was 30. But his gummy grin graced the darts stage and the terrestrial TV channels of the 1980s. He won two world titles and probably could/should have won more.

But his greatest (and most bizarre) claim to fame is surely being mistaken for fifties black American soul singer Jackie Wilson.



  1. Although the photo on TOTP was a deliberate joke suggested by Dexys Midnight Runners, not a production cock-up!

  2. Thanks for that rankers - that's probably even more bizarre than the cock up theory! Good on Dexy's I say...