27 March 2011

Ed Miliband - the alternative Conservative?

The idea that the consequences of a mild tightening in fiscal policy can be compared to liberation struggles would be laughable if it wasn't so insulting to people who actually suffered with their lives and liberty.

But that's indeed the message Mili minor wanted to convey to the thronged masses of the downtrodden and oppressed um above average earners with publicly subsidised final salary pensions at the whinge fest in central London today.

But the real question is that given the marchers clearly contain huge numbers of well educated people in good jobs why they didn't see through the vacuousness of the 'Alternative' they were marching for.

If you check out their website they say: 'We do not set out a detailed policy mix' and 'It even makes sense to borrow more in the short-term if that encourages enough economic growth' as part of their section on discovering the alternatives.

So no alternative from the 'March for the alternative' other than a hope for more of the same.

So there you have it - the new conservatives: Mili minor's Labour.

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