14 March 2011

Ed Miliband's lack of self awareness

Ed Miliband has said he will refuse to share a platform with Lib Dem Deputy PM Nick Clegg - even though they both want to see a yes vote in the referendum on electoral reform. He said Clegg should 'lie low for a bit'.

Yet Mili minor is quite prepared to share a platform with all sorts of unsavoury people in the quest for votes, so why his reticence over Clegg - who as far as I'm aware has never been photographed embracing mass murdering dictators like the man he is sharing a platform with in this photo...

1 comment:

  1. Do you have a daily hate thing going on with Blair, you sit there rocking and spitting with anger for a full five minutes at a big picture of Tony.

    Really though is the best retort you could come up with when Ed dissed Clegg? Another libdem blogger at least put a little effort in and put it down to homoerotic envy on Ed's part.

    Seriously though, it is you lib dems that lack the self awareness. Cleggy has crap approval ratings and is basically considered a liar by a fair chunk of the electorate. Tipsy the cat has more chance of leading Yes2AV to victory than Nick Clegg.