4 March 2011

Labour less popular than crook Illsley in Barnsley

A little reported fact from last night's election in Barnsley is that the Labour are even more unpopular than they were last May. Convicted fraudster Eric Illsley - currently serving a year at her maj's pleasure for stealing £14,000 of his constituents cash managed to pursuade 17,487 people to vote for him - even though it was widely known he was under investigation at the time.

On Thursday Labour's 'clean' replacement polled 14,724.

Who'd have thunk a known crook would be more popular than Miliband minor's supposedly unstoppable Labour juggernaut?

1 comment:

  1. Scrapping the barrel with this one, the turn out was much lower. And Labour's percentage of the vote was up by 13 points 47% to 60%, strangely enough your percentage went down by the same amount. Which reflects the swing indicated by national polling.