3 March 2011

Kenny McAskill misses the point on old firm violence

Under fire Scottish Justice Secretary, Kenny Mcaskill has waded into the debate over the ugly scenes at last night's old firm cup replay saying: "There is a deep-rooted and unacceptable social issue involved - which has a great deal to do with Scotland's damaging relationship with alcohol, and little to do with football.

"The issue is far wider than clubs and the game. It is about a culture of violence fuelled by alcohol."

But he is wrong. The root cause of violence at old firm games is good old fashioned sectarianism. Both sets of fans revel in their respective medieval traditions and the stands echo to the sound of party songs justifying and celebrating sectarian violence. Every old firm game results in sectarian violence off the park.

These two behemoths are Scotland's (and Northern Ireland's) shame and it's time the continued turning of a blind eye to their motivations stopped. Hopefully the police inspired summit involving the Scottish goverment and the clubs will have the guts to deal with the real issues. But given they have had 113 years to do something about it and singularly failed, I won't be holding my breath.


  1. McAskill misses the point on any & every given occasion. He doesn't care. I walked 4 miles to ask him politely to attend to the International Women's Day [100th anniversary] on Mar 9. He was supposed to be in Hay's Business Centre, Niddrie was not even present. So I emailed him twice, he did not even own to the decency to respond. Domestic violence is up 16% last year & these men who attend violent sectarian games promptly return home to beat 7 bales out of partners. But does he care? Too busy being televised with his 'fake bake'& ripping off tax payers even more. perhaps McAskill should rethink HIS remit as a so-called Justice Minister! He's a joke, being the operative word.

  2. Both I and my family have a personal bone to pick with Kenny McAskill the Al Megraphi lover. The [masonic and orange male dominated police force and their so-called [another masonic] 'professional standards department' were interested & perturbed as to why he NEVER saw fit to reopen an Ombudsman's case which he was certainly meant to. Why did he not bother re-examining a case of rape (most probably many hundreds more?)Simply because he does not CARE enough & because it has also emerged the sexual offender 'loosely employed' in North Edinburgh is known to he [McAskill] and the police's Amethyst Team. They are supposed to work with sex offenders (and again are all men!)I would never vote the waste of space in again [any SNP members] and make sure no one else does either ...the word is out...probably write a poem or three about it to...hear that Keane!

  3. You know E. Keane
    I can be pretty downright mean
    When I commence
    To write.
    You DO NOT begin to enter
    Into the realms of [my] fright.
    You own to no bulking power,
    No insurmountable tower,
    Nor fearsome might.
    (Nor does fake
    He only wants some tax payer to pay
    HIS hefty taxi bill!
    This is after all the 21c
    You do see
    You silly tw**.
    Even though you're a thick
    Oirish Mick
    As green
    As the Mountains of Mourne.
    I've borne
    It all.
    I can stir it up.
    By God I can.
    And if you were ANY sort of man
    You'd get to the bottom of these lies.
    The monstrous size
    Of the scam!
    Ah, but my eyes
    Don't deceive,
    I do believe
    You're in it up to your scrawny neck,
    By heck,
    Bent sheriffs, judges, police
    It never does cease.
    Non-court lawyers,
    Not to mention a warped solicitor
    Or two.
    Would believe it today
    That two and two
    Makes five.
    Man alive.
    At least if it goes to court
    It will come out in the wash.
    Golly gosh
    There will be a lot of red faces.
    WE(my family) hold the aces!